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A complete cleaning of your house or office can easily be taken care of by consistent regularly scheduled house or office cleaning. The key to a neat and clean home or office is to do regular cleaning. Regular cleaning includes dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming on a schedule,  which literally means you are cleaning up your small messes .

The secret of professional house cleaners is having a  proper strategy. Plan the route to take when cleaning, stay focused, organize as you go, and get help from your family. Here are some of the important tips regarding efficient house or office cleaning. Clean One Room at a time; finish it completely before cleaning the next. A good method to use is to start at the back and the top of the house or office. Clean your way from room to room, working down to the front of the house.

Being organized will help you complete your main goal of cleaning the whole office or house. Getting distracted can cost you precious hours. Five or ten minutes of losing your focus can turn your house cleaning into an all day chore. Never try to be multitasking while cleaning because it is indeed quite difficult and distracting to multi-task while house or office cleaning.

Don’t try to wash and dry laundry while working on your house cleaning. As you clean, you can pick up the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. Do the laundry later.  Begin at the top of the house (the highest floor) and work your way down to the basement. If you’re dusting, start on the ceiling removing cobwebs, work your way down by dusting the walls, then the picture frames, doorways, mirrors, wall lamps, mantles etc.

If you’re vacuuming the carpet, start in the corner farthest from the doorway. Back up in the direction of the door while you vacuum. Start with the outside of the kitchen cabinets, then to the back of the stove and counters, then cleaning the drawer exteriors. Clean in a single direction only, regardless of whether it’s from left to right, or from the right to the left. Be efficient. Thoroughly clean everything the first time, before you move to the next.

Organize as you clean. Turn off the lights as you leave the room. You should be aware of the fact that many popular cleaning solutions are bad for you and can damage the cleaning surface if applied improperly. Even common and simple household products can be harmful if mixed with others. Finally wipe all surfaces dry. This applies to the bathrooms, kitchen area, as well as floor surfaces. Always dry metal and wooden floors to remove water spots.

Hawley PA Cleaning Service hopes you gained some insight here and call us to get it done freeing up your precious time!

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