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Squeaky Clean is the cleaning service if you want professional, quality work with reasonable prices. Squeaky Clean specializes in residential homes, commercial offices and buildings, and new construction clean-up of homes. They are the finishing touches before the new owners move in.

Twelve years ago Squeaky Clean had a successful cleaning business in New Jersey doing residential homes, commercial offices and buildings doing Doctors, Dentists, and Law Offices just to name a few.

Pat and Warren Toder got married in 1999. Pat decided to start up her own business starting with one residential client and the word started to spread.  Pat went out and got General Liability, Bonding, and Workers Compensation. At that point Warren had nothing to do with the business but thought it would be a good idea for Pat to get these insurances so she would be legal by the law.

Pat wanted the business to grow so she started out alone by putting flyers and advertising in local newspapers. Because of her excellent quality Pat started to land additional steady clients. After 2 months of taking on new clients, Squeaky Clean had to add an additional employee to the payroll to help handle the load. After 6 months another employee was added. Squeaky Clean was now on the map.

Pat got so busy from referrals, Warren was never seeing her because she was coming home late and then going out to do commercial night jobs. Warren said to her “We didn’t get married to be separated so much”. We decided to buy a second home in 1999 to get away on the weekends in Lackawaxen, Pa. (Northeast Pa.).

After talking to people the word spread up here now because of her credentials and testimonials. She got busier up here than in NJ within one year. She approached Warren about coming aboard in 2000 to handle the office work. She landed many residential homes and commercial jobs. Now Squeaky Clean got in with builders up here and doing the final clean up. Of course, along the way hiring employees.

Squeaky Clean has been going strong now for 12 years even with the economic times being the way they are.

Finally, to tell you how the name came about our children always thought Mommy was too goody two shoes and they always called her “Mom, you’re so Squeaky Clean”! And that’s how the name came about.

This is our history and Squeaky Clean has all the “bells and whistles” and references to go along.

Thank You for Visiting Our Site,

Pat & Warren Toder


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